Permata Sari

Dancer, Choreographer

Ayu Permata Sari is a choreographer from Lampung, Indonesia. Ayu has been actively creating works since 2014 until today. During her creation process, she likes to have in-depth exploration of the movement forms of traditional dance, through which she investigates in detail each element of the movement forms and the background stories behind the dance. As Ayu is also interested in the body, she is looking into how the connection between the body and its daily habits shapes the characterized and authentic language of the body.


Media Artist

Born in 1995, Chanapon was raised in Bangkok. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in painting from The Poh-Chang Academy of Arts and Master’s degree in visual arts from Silpakorn University. He is currently working as a visual artist using various approaches including painting, photography, sound art, video art, installation art and mixed media from found objects. Chanapon has been continuously showcasing his works since 2017 in group exhibitions, performance art showcases as well as experimental sound art showcases. His works are inspired by surrounding landscapes experienced through his senses. He often combines established art processes with the coincidental elements of nature and found objects to portray art that is inseparable from our daily life.


Performance Artist, Dancer

CHEN Yi-Chin was born and raised in Chiayi County. She graduated from the Dance department of Taiwan National University of Arts and is currently based in Taiwan as a freelance performance artist and a dancer at Les Petites Choses Production. In 2020, she choreographed ‘【and I.】−Tower’ for Les Petites Choses Production. Her event management experiences include: 2020 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival – Les Petites Choses Production -《Let’s High Five》; YWCA-Body development of parent-child theme workshops.



CHOU Kuan-Jou is a Taiwanese and grew up in Taipei. Her occupation includes theater performer, movement director, and dance education. She carries multi-dimensional performing energy and sensitivity. She recently puts her focus on gender issues and has created works based on the topic. In 2020, she was invited to present her work ‘The End of the Room’; in 2019, she was invited by Centre National de la Danse (CND) to participate in its international choreography festival ‘Camping’ as an artist. Her other experiences include being selected for the Stagnation Point Project by Sun-Shier Salon as a choreographer to present her work ‘I Thought She’.


Actor, Writer

Geta Hiyori was born in Tottori Prefecture in 1995 and graduated from Yokohama National University. He is an actor and writer. Based in Tokyo (Japan), he works with Kishodai Kageyama as a member of ‘NORUHA’ (formerly ‘Enban-ni-noruha’), which is a collective working on projects to create platforms where many writers and expressers can get together casually and find opportunities that suits them. The ensemble’s main activity is to present plays written and directed by Kishodai Kageyama. It also takes part in various programs, publishes booklets and holds symposiums, and at the same time tries to encourage the audience to ‘take it easy’, which is something they can practice in their everyday lives.


Playwright, Theater Director

Kishodai Kageyama established the theatre project collective called ‘sons wo:’ in 2008, which was renamed NORUHA in 2018 . He has worked mainly as a playwright, theater director and sound designer. His works are characterized by his view of the world ‘after Dystopia’, which are expressed through his modern-poetry-like texts and staged as funny and yet sad dramas. Crossing genres in his works, he has participated in the ‘human function’ (2017) with TOLTA, which is a modern poetry unit. He took part in the ‘Festival/Tokyo 13 Emerging Artists Program’. Since 2015, he has been a Junior Fellow of the Saison Foundation. He won the Grand Prize of the 17th AAF Drama Awards for ‘City III’. His major works include ‘City I−III’ (2015−2017), ‘To Stay Sane’ (2018) and ‘The Birth of a Happy Island’ (2019).


/Thailand /2020

Pavida Wachirapanyaporn is a contemporary dance artist who focuses on exploration on dance creation through exhibition form. She created the Facebook page called ‘1 to 8 Archive’ which functions as her dancing body in cyberspace. Her artistic creation is derived by her routines that switch between a contemporary dancer and a writer. With ambitious desires to surpass limitations of the human body and physical performance space, she developed her dance language in a form of article and writing exhibition to present her artistic expression.

L. Raquitico Jr.

Movement Artist

Raul L. Raquitico Jr. is a Filipino choreographer whose thematic interests lie in intersectionality and exploring parallelisms between urban spaces and artifacts and their manifestations in human behavior and interactions. His works as a performer and choreographer have been presented and recognized on several platforms in the Philippines, South Korea, and most recently, his work ‘Transacting Comfort’ won the Encouragement Prize at the 2020 Yokohama Dance Collection in Japan. In 2020, he also became part of the CPI Program hosted by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, where he and his collaborators were awarded the Best Social Project for initiating the Body Archive Program, a collaborative learning and youth for the environment program.


Composer, Music Practitioner

Yasuno Miyauchi is a composer and also the founder and director of the scoreless music group ‘Tsumugine’. Firstly studying western style composition at Tokyo Gakugei University and then pursuing music studies in media art and algorithmic composition at IAMAS, Yasuno arrived at the primitive music expression formed through the human body, and established a unique composition method that mainly uses the voice to weave sounds based on the organic rhythms of human bodies and their differences instead of relying on musical scores. She has developed her composition and performance activities based on an approach named the ‘Tsumugine Method’, She has also been running participatory workshops called ‘Wa Tsumugi Project’ that spins sounds with a variety of people based on a simple approach and rules of making sounds. ​​


Theatre Director, Actor
/Malaysia /2020

Yeo Lyle is a Malaysian, Co-founder and artistic director of Kosong Space. He is a theatre director and actor, having graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts (Drama Department) and New Era College Drama & Visual Department (theatre major). As an artist, he endlessly explores the connection between art and life. He seeks to find the most constructive theatre form to trigger an inquiry of our human condition, especially to awake the embedded and the static. Thus, theatre can allow us to break away from the everyday to discover truthfulness.