Andrei Nikolai

/Philippines /2018-2020

Andrei is a director and independent producer. He is the founder of the Fringe Manila Festival and Poblacion-based Pineapple Lab, an artist-run creative hub dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary Filipino and international art-makers. He is interested in exploring the impact of the arts in neighborhoods, cities, and cultures.



After studying scenography, she established a career as production manager in Tokyo, and then became a producer at the Museum of Art, Kochi, in charge of international productions and residency program. In 2018, she began a project that the museum opened as an “atelier” for those who want to cultivate the future vision of local performing arts practices.

Sekar Putri


Sekar Putri Handayani is an independent producer (2014-now), and production manager (2008-now). She focuses on dance production and now develops work based on research and combining method between script material and exploration-improvisation. She was the co-founder for Rumah Banjarsari, Public and Art Space in Solo.



Siree Riewpaiboon is a performer, interpreter, performing arts manager and producer. She received a B.A majoring in Japanese and an M.A in Dramatic Arts from Chulalongkorn University. Her work interests lie within the artistic and production process of cross-cultural/ cross-lingual/ cross-disciplinary projects and how it can connect to different circles of people.

Chong Hong


Soh Chong Hong is the executive director of a stage performance & event consultant company Jig & Giggle Production, and also the stage manager of Encore Melaka. He believes that the performing arts is a powerful tool to communicate with the community and stimulate creativity.



Wayla Amatathammachad is currently the Festival Director of the International Low Fat Art Fest Vol.3 in Bangkok, and experimental art network called Prayoon for Art that focusing on creating safe and friendly environments for collaboration between art practitioners and civil societies.



Base in Thinkers’ Studio as a Director. Also as an independent producer, curator in performing art. He focuses on the relationship of community and the art events, activities. Also devoting himself to be accompanied with different independent artists developing. Mostly focuses on gender, generation and immigrants issues in Asia, South East Asia.



After completing MA in Performance at Queen Mary University of London, Yuka Sugiyama worked at Festival/Tokyo being in charge of program research and international program (2012-14). She worked as a project manager at Yokohama Paratriennale 2017.